Friday, October 10, 2008

the day before

5 years ago, this was the day before I married you.
It was beautiful, overnight the trees along the road and ceremony spot had turned fire red...
We awoke to the sounds of the tables and tent being assembled outside...
My mom was somewhere telling someone to do something in order to help make our day just as i imagined it. (thanks mom).
My best friend from college was on her way...

It was a day filled with family and love. (actually a weekend filled with this)
Around 5: 30 we realized we never got our marriage license, and then found out your grandparents forgot on their wedding day 50 years ago too.

Our rehearsal dinner was filled with smiles, toasts, kisses, and wine.
I love looking at the pictures from that nights because everyone is beaming with happiness.

I fall asleep exhausted with the breeze coming in through the windows.
Knowing this will be the last time I fall asleep without you as my husband.

And everyday and night I still am deeply grateful and lucky and happy for this.

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